05 December 2011

Weekly Dynamic: Post to GL on Inventory Batch

This item came up recently and apparently I’m so old that I never looked at it this way.

On an Inventory Transaction batch there is checkbox labeled “Post to General Ledger”. If you’ll remember in Posting Setup (Setup | Posting | Posting) you can set transactions to post “To” the GL or “Through” the GL.

Generally posting “To” the GL means post to the subledger but stop the transaction at the GL and require separate GL posting.

Well someone was setting up inventory and posting beginning balances. When they got to this screen they interpreted it literally. They thought that by ensuring that this box was checked that the transaction would post “To” the GL and that they would have the chance to delete the GL transaction before posting.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works. This checkbox is a hold over. It’s another speed bump allowing the user to prevent sending the transaction into the GL posting process. If this box is checked, the GP posting settings kick in.

In a nutshell, to post the Inventory subledger WITHOUT sending the transaction to the GL, you need to UNCHECK this box.



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