30 August 2007

Weekly Dynamic: Automating Integrations

This week I have a nice surprise. I've figured out how to automate an integration via Integration Manager INCLUDING closing GP after everything is done.
This Weekly Dynamic could save you the $500 cost of Microsoft's AutoDIM utility.
Unfortunately, it's too much to squeeze into a blog post so I've added the whole thing as a download. You can get AutoIM here or in the Integration section of the downloads on the right side of the website.
What's in it?
  • A sample batch file to launch GP, IM and start an integration.
  • A sample macro that's needed for IM to log in to GP.
  • A file used to close GP afterwards.
  • VBScript code to include in your integration to run the file that closes GP.
  • Full instructions on how to change these sample files to include information about your installation and make it all run.
  • Source code and examples.
Most of the files are already setup for the default install locations of Dynamics GP and Integration Manager so there's even less setup than you think.
Much thanks to Michael Johnson who pushed me in this direction a few weeks ago and to Bryan Hipolito who pushed me over the edge with his Newgroup question.
Now that I've done all this work, I'm off to the beach to celebrate the Labor Day weekend here in the US.