03 December 2007

Warmed Up Leftovers

In no particular order:

CPA Technology Advisor gives GP 5 stars in their 2007 review of high end accounting systems.
Then again NAV, Accpac 500 and Sage MAS 500 all got 5 stars too. I'm sure they are all great programs but when everybody gets the same score it's more like everyone getting a trophy in kindergarten than a serious review. I've found CPA Technology Advisor to be more marking focused than hard hitting and that comes out in this review. In their defense, it is tough to do a review of a monster package like GP in a short period of time. You have to live with it to really understand it. In a related note, I've voted and given this blog 5 stars.

Tami Reller, long time GPer has moved out of the GP space at Microsoft and is now the CFO of Microsoft's Platform & Services Division. Thanks to Carroll Livingston of NCSI for that. I missed it the first time around.

Dennis Howlett of AccMan fame
agrees that most of Sage's products are in maintenance mode so it's not just me saying that.

I have a GP Rocks podcast that I have to get out. It's all my fault. Well, my fault and the Dallas Cowboys and the Orlando Magic and my family. Ok, it's really all my fault. You should see it this week.