01 December 2008

Weekly Dynamic: Copy a P.O.

If you're working in Dynamics GP and you realize that you need a P.O. that looks a lot like one you did last week, don't re-key all those lines. Use the Create and Copy New PO button under Actions.

To get there, go to Transactions->Purchasing->Purchase Order Entry. Click the Actions button and pick Create and Copy New PO. A window will pop up asking for the source P.O. and then you get to tailor the new P.O. that gets created. You can set the Vendor, Currency, Customer, Dates, Sites and Cost options.

Also you can optionally:

  • Copy all P.O. lines
  • Include cancelled lines
  • Include cancelled quantities
  • Display the new PO when done
  • Copy freight, miscellaneous or shipping amounts from the original
  • Copy Ship to Address, method and Tax ID from the source PO
After making all those choices, you just hit copy and you've got a new P.O. that you can send or continue to modify. It's a pretty fast way to duplicate a P.O., especially a complex one. Also copying a P.O. adds a level of consistency that re-keying may not so copy away.