02 February 2009

Weekly Dynamic: Killing a Hung Integration

If you use Integration Manager with the Dynamics GP Destination adapters, at some point, you’ll end up with a hung session. Typically this happens when a when an integration fails but Dynamics GP does not return to availability.

The symptom of this is often a message about closing all windows prior to running the integration, even though all windows are closed.

When you run an integration with the Dynamics GP adapter (versus the econnect IM adapter) Dynamics GP must be open. When you click Run, GP disappears and reappears when the integration is complete.  What happens in the background is that Integration Manager writes to GP through the interface. The interface is hidden to improve speed and prevent interference. If the integration fails and GP does not reappear, GP may still be open in the background. If you open GP again, you actually have 2 GP sessions running and this is really confusing to Integration Manager.

There is a simple fix for this. Simply open up the Task Manager and kill the Dynamics task. Then reopen Dynamics GP and reintegrate. In very rare cases where this has not worked for me, rebooting always fixes the issue.