20 January 2010

Dynamics GP 2010 Partner Roadshows

If you follow the Dynamics GP blogs at all, you're going to see a lot of announcements about partner events in the coming weeks. If you're a customer, don't feel left out. There are plenty of customer events coming but it's important that the partners get up to speed so that they can intelligently answer your questions. After all, if you're reading this blog or Mariano's or any of the other great Dynamics GP blogs out there, you'll be exposed to more Dynamics GP 2010 features than some partners. If you want to learn more, start with the blogs listed on the right side of DynamicAccounting.net and don't worry, your road trip is coming soon.

For partners, get on the bandwagon and get on it fast. GP 2010 will have more momentum than GP 9 or GP 10 because of the growth of the community and your clients will be smarter than ever.