08 March 2010

Weekly Dynamic: Copy an Integration with a New Source

When working in Integration Manager, it’s not uncommon to need a copy of an integration with differences in the source file. Maybe the source records need to be filtered one way for Company A and another way for Company B but they share a source like a CRM package.

Most people’s first step is to try Save As in in IM. Save as makes  copy of the integration but use the same source. Changes to the source file in the copied integration affect the original as well since they are sharing a source. Removing the source and adding in a different one removes all the destination mapping so users might as well start from scratch.

The way to copy an integration and adjust the source is with the Export feature.

  1. In IM, select Tools->Options and note the location of the default IM database
  2. Close the window and click File-Export Integration
  3. Select the integration and click Export
  4. The export will ask for a file, enter or navigate to the IM.mdb file where the original integration is housed.
  5. When prompted, name the new Integration and provide new names for each source.
  6. When this is finished, make changes to the sources without worrying about affecting other integrations

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