20 April 2010

Consultant Utilization

The eOne Dynamics GP and CRM blog has an interesting look at Consultant Utilization up now. In it they recommend moving to daily timesheets as a mechanism to capture hours that are invariably lost, uncounted or glossed over in a weekly timesheet.

As someone who regularly pushes companies to move to daily bank reconciliations I have to admit to being somewhat resistant to this because well…it affects me.

I typically mark down my time and what I did daily but I don’t necessarily transfer it to my timesheet daily for lots of reasons, good and bad. These include the time it takes to connect and enter time, the schedule (not all planes have WIFI and the LAST thing my wife wants to hear when I get home at midnight is that I need to submit my time) and some clients truly do lock down internet availability. Some hotels also struggle to reach dial up speeds with their WIFI.

Having said all of that, it’s not a bad idea. Good enough that I’m willing to eat the dog food and give it a try. I can at least enter my time daily even if we only submit weekly.