05 April 2010

Weekly Dynamic: Integration Manager Support

When working with Integration Manager to bring in transactions it’s not uncommon to get stuck while building an integration. Because of its power, IM can be finicky. A great idea when you’re asking for support from someone is to simply copy the messages from the progress screen like below:

Opening source query...
Establishing source record count...
Beginning integration...
DOC 1 ERROR: Are you sure you want to match deposits by amount within the eight day grace period?
Integration Failed
Integration Results
    1 documents were read from the source query.
    1 documents were attempted:
        0 integrated without warnings.
        0 integrated with warnings.
        1 failed to integrate.

Simply taking a screen shot of the progress screen helpful but often it isn’t enough since message can get cut off.


Of course, sending the log file works fine too but many people don’t realize that they can highlight the detail in the message box and copy/paste the information into an email for help.