09 April 2010

Weekly Review: Integration Manager Resources

If you've used Integration Manager, you know that it's really cool, in a flaky hippie kind of way. When it works it's fantastic, when it doesn't, it's usually for an odd reason.

IM flakiness often keeps people from using it's full potential. Despite its quirks, it really can be a great app. It's one of the more complete import tools I've seen.

But to really get the most out of IM, you need some tools. You need to do a little research. I hope to spend more time covering IM, but I will have to be in a different forum. This one is too short.

As for resources, start with the IM user guide. Its really very good at covering the basics and includes info about running integrations from the command line and scheduling integrations.
When you need to get a little creative with VBScript, use the VBScript library provided with IM. This is a set of prebuilt scripts, you just have insert your information. The script library is installed in your IM directory by default. Mine is at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Integration Manager\Script Library\imscriptlibrary.exe.

IM scripts are really useful for auto numbering, marking records as imported in a source database, all kinds of things.

Finally, my 2 favorite books are O'reilly's VBScript in a Nutshell and VBScript Pocket Reference. When you want to get really creative with VBScript, this is the way to go.

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