12 May 2011

2011 - 100 Most Influential in Microsoft Dynamics

The 2011 list of the 100 Most Influential in Microsoft Dynamics is out from DynamicsWorld.co.uk.
There are lots of names that you’ll recognize on the list. I’ve moved up a few notches to number 16 but I’m more impressed with Andy Snook of FastPath. He debuted at number 18. Andy must have incriminating pictures of someone to have become so influential so fast.
Dwight Specht made the list at number 75 and in classic Dwight fashion, humbly accepted this recognition.
As I’ve said before, it’s great to be on list, even if some things make no sense. For example I have no intention of walking up to Steve Balmer (#41) and asserting my claim to be  more influential.
I’m surprised at a few folks who didn’t make the list. Bob McAdam, Errol Shoenfish and Pam Misialek are a few that come to mind.
I am also thrilled at some folks who did make the list. I.B.I.S. had 4 people on the list this year including Andy Vabulas who moved up to number 27 and Clinton Weldon who debuted at number 90.
The thing about Clinton is that he’s actually gotten more fixes and features into GP than anyone I know. He just influences behind the scenes. In other words, he gets things done, unlike some people who are louder and higher on the list. I’m referring of course to number 16.
Congratulations to everyone who made the list and congratulations to everyone who was nominated. Certainly every GP person that I saw nominated deserves to be on this list.