16 May 2011

Top 100–Who’s Missing?

Over the last day or so I’ve had a number of conversations with folks about people missing from the 100 Most Influential in Microsoft Dynamics list.
Some of the more prominent names that I think should be on the list are:
  • David Musgrave – He a prolific Dynamics GP blogger, he answers questions in the forums, he wrote the incredible Support Debugging Tool, provides support for it and he’s a highly rated speaker at events like Convergence. Plus the GP MVP’s voted him an honorary MVP. (He can’t be an MVP because he works for Microsoft. Apparently the MVP recognition isn’t enough to make him quit. Go figure.)

    So how is it that David Musgrave didn’t make the list?
  • Adam Berezin / David Gumpert / Jason Gumpert – One of these guys should have made it based on all the hard work they put in at MSDynamicsWorld.com.

    [Disclaimers: MSDynamicsWorld and DynamicsWorld.co.uk are two different entities with some overlap in audience. I do a lot of writing for MSDynamicsWorld.]

    But when you run one of the largest websites dedicated to all of the Dynamics products and put on two virtual conferences a year around Dynamics I would think that you crack you the top 100.
  • Nick Hoban – Nick runs the wildly successful Dynamics Community site for Microsoft. Surely someone who runs a site that affects tens of thousands of Dynamics users has the juice to make the top 100.

    [Disclaimer, yes I write for them too. Get over it.]
  • Bob McAdam, Frank Hamelly, Errol Shoenfish, Chad Sogge and Pam Misialek
These are few more names that surprise me in their absence.