06 June 2011

Weekly Dynamic: Test SERVER

Lots of firms have test COMPANIES in their Dynamics GP environment. Usually this means that they make a copy of production and create another company on the same server using the same Dynamics database for both.

While this is OK for testing some types of features and transactions it presents a set of problems that companies of don’t realize because a test company on production database shares many elements with the production company and is running in the production environment.

For example, changes to reports and forms in the test company can inadvertently affect production. Executing a long running query or testing a new process can bog down the production server as well. Installing an ISV solution in test can make that solution available to production causing significant problems if it’s not properly setup. Finally, if someone foolishly gives out the ‘sa’ password to install something in the test company, they’ve now given unfettered access to the entire system.

I’m not saying that companies shouldn’t have a test company on the production server, it has it’s place. But firms should also have a test SERVER with a test companies to play with. Isolating the server makes it easier to test in a truly separated environment with no risk of affecting production.