30 August 2011

Microsoft Connect

Last week I had the privilege to participate in a super-secret, cross my heart, pinkie promise, non-disclosure, I can tell you but then I’ll have to kill you, MVP’s only look at how the upcoming version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is progressing.
The product is code named “Polino” because they’re sticking in all the stuff I’ve asked for over the years. I’m just kidding about the code name. I can’t reveal that either.
I am serious about all of the cool stuff going into the next version. It’s clear that the product team is using Microsoft Connect (the site, not Kinect the Xbox motion sensor thingy) to figure out what users want and need in future releases. If you are not using Microsoft Connect start now and make your voice heard.

[Slightly off topic. I heard a suggestion recently that a muffin shop should name a muffin for a week after a good customer. They’d bring in all their friends just to see their name on the menu board. Next week, new muffin name. Maybe GP should code name features after users who suggested or championed a feature. Then when It’s introduced it would be:

“We’d like to announce that we’ve decided to open up Analysis Cubes by removing the encryption and making the code available for changes. We’ve code named this change, ‘Dwight Specht’ because he just wouldn’t shut up about it.”
Anybody think that would lead to a few more product suggestions?']

For the record opening up the cubes has already been done. Throwing out features that are already complete prevents me from accidently revealing something I shouldn't.