25 August 2011

Weekly Review: Speed Up Collections Window Population

If you have a large number of AR transactions it can take a long time top populate the Collections Main Transactions Inquiry window when trying to make notes in Collections Management. If you have experience with GP you might think that adding an index to table would speed this up, alas its not that simple. There is actually a procedure that pulls thins information in and it's very slow.

The solution is to run the Paid Transaction Removal routine in AR (run it first in Project Accounting if using PA). Paid transaction removal is something of a misnomer, it doesn't delete transactions but it does remove them from the open table and put them in history. This dramatically speeds up population of the invoices even with a large amount of transactions because GP doesn't have to sort through all the paid transactions. Until Microsoft improves the procedure this is your best option.

Originally Posted by Mark on 9/7/2009