28 September 2011

ERP Knowledge Base Articles made public - Microsoft Dynamics AX UK Blog

Yeah, you saw that headline right, I read AX blogs too. I need some humor in my life. In this case though, the Microsoft Dynamics AX UK Blog beat everyone to the punch. It seems that Microsoft has chosen to make all of the Dynamics ERP Knowledge Base Articles  public on http://support.microsoft.com.

This change will allow search engine indexing of Knowledge Base content making it easier for everyone. I’ve already added http://support.microsoft.com into the MyGPSearch custom engine for Dynamics GP. Now when you use MyGPSearch you’ll get blog results, newgroup results and official support answers.

I’m hoping this means that we can quit complaining about CustomerSource search features and move on to complaining about more important things…like why they don’t serve Diet Mountain Dew at Convergence.