28 September 2011

You, Me and GPUG Academy

My friend, competitor and lover of a football team who once wore creamsicle uniforms, Bob McAdam has been doing some great guest blogging here at DynamicAccounting.net.

As much as it pains me to admit that Bob is right about anything, he is absolutely right about the GPUG Summit and GPUG Academy.

For those of you thinking about going to the GPUG Summit take a look at the GPUG Academy too. Sometimes, a conference session just isn’t enough to adequately cover a particular topic. Sometimes people don’t learn well without being about to try things for themselves. That’s what GPUG Academy is all about.

GPUG Academy is providing classroom learning options immediately before the GPUG Summit. For example, I’m teaching a 4 hour class on Administration Made Easy for Dynamics GP. No this is not a 1/2 hour of handing out business cards and saying call me followed by 3 1/2 hours of beer. That’s what parties are for after the sessions. This class has serious, hands on tips for administering GP using your laptop and a virtual GP environment. It’s hands on, down and dirty.

There are a bunch of sessions available but enrollment is capped to ensure appropriate personal attention. You’ll need to hurry to get the class you want. If you want personal attention in Bob’s class, wear an ugly orange jersey with “Williams” on the back.