31 October 2011

Weekly Dynamic: Last User Fun

The Dex.ini file holds the last user to log in using the SQLLastUser field. The problem is that the next user gets changed automatically by Dynamics GP. In Terminal Server or Citrix environments this is a pain because users rarely see their own name. With the Support Debugging Tool this can be changed during login to a blank user, a specific user or even a non-user if you want to leave a 15 character message.

In the Support Debugging Tool pick Options | Dex.ini Configuration.
  • In the Setting or Search String box key SQLLastUser.
  • Leave Silent checked
  • Uncheck Log
  • Add the user or message in the value field.
Select OK or Apply when done.


Now when a user logs in they see the User ID specified in value field. Try not to support your favorite sports team this way. It’s obnoxious.


For example you could use “sys down tonite” (spelling to fit 15 char limit) to remind folks of an outage tonight or “TS due Mon 5pm” (14 char) as reminder that timesheets are due.

We use it a one client to show "Loading..." to keeps users from interrupting while FastPath's ConfigAD does it's magic of populating the login via Active Directory.