03 October 2011

Weekly Dynamic: Transaction Aborted…in table ‘dbo.deleted’

We complain a lot when an error message does a poor job of leading us to the answer. I thought that I would highlight a case where the error message was right on. We had a client get the error message:

[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Transaction aborted when accessing versioned row in table ‘dbo.deleted’ in database XXX. Requested versioned row was now found. Your tempdb is probably out of space. Please refer to BOL on how to configure temp.

Sure enough, tempdb had run out of space. For the acronym challenged, BOL is “Books on Line” the help manual for SQL Server. Restarting the service cleared out tempdb and allowed processing to continue.


Interestingly, we got this error in a number of different places, some folks got it when logging in, others got it while working with GL transactions. When I went to review the issue, I got two messages:

GPS Error: 85 and SQL Server Error 1101.

The GPS Error 85 can be cause by a number of things but looking up the SQL Server Error 1101 kept bringing me back to tempdb being out of space. GP was trying to tell us something, we just had to listen.