27 October 2011

Weekly Review: Batches that Won't Post


[Ahem. Step on soapbox. Clear throat]

I've been giving this speech an awful lot lately and most of you should know better, so you're getting "the speech" again. I know that many of you don't follow our advice to print and review the batch edit list prior to posting. I understand. When I was a controller and it was my GP system I didn't run them either. What hurts is that you haven't run one in so long that you freeze up and don't know what to do when a batch doesn't post properly.

You call me and ask what to do. I tell you "print and review the batch edit list". You do and after looking at it three times you see that the fiscal period is closed. Problem solved. Next week you call again. Batch won't post. I say "print and review the batch edit list". You do and see that the Contract is closed to costs. Issue resolved. Next week...

I am always nice. I am always polite. Yes, occasionally there is a real issue that requires some real expertise. It's 1% of the calls. Notice I didn't say "print the batch edit list". A surprising number of people print the batch edit list but don't look at it. You have to review it. The error messages are at the top and potentially in each transaction line. Most of them are surprisingly clear.

I love you all but I will love you more if you "print and review the batch edit list" before you call me.

[Step off soapbox, leave room to riotous applause]

Originally Posted by Mark at 11/16/2009 09:00:00 AM