04 October 2011

Wiseguy now Available for iPad, Nook and More

I’ve had some requests to make my short stories available for the iPad, specifically via iBooks. Now, Wiseguy is available for the iPad as an iBook. Simply search the book section in iTunes for Wiseguy or Polino and you’ll find it. There’s no easy way to link to it in iTunes that I can find.

Of course it’s also available as a Kindle book which can be read on the iPad, iPhone, all Android devices, Windows Phone 7, old Windows Mobile devices and the Blackberry platform.

In true Ronco style…there’s more! It’s also available for the Nook via Barnes and Noble. And its available in the epub format and more via Smashwords.

I’m excited about the availability of Wiseguy on all of these platforms because it gives me a chance to experiment with different distribution platforms in preparation for some other things I’m writing. I know that folks love to get these for free but if I’m going to put the work to format the stories for other platforms, you guys are going have to come up with 99 cents to support it.