01 November 2011

Yes Virginia, you CAN post to a closed fiscal period! » Summit Group Software Blog

Gina Hoener has a though provoking post at The Summit Group’s blog. Her post, Yes Virginia, you CAN post to a closed fiscal period!, complains that when posting manual payments, a client posted a transaction with the subledger transaction date in a closed period but since the GL period was open the transaction posted.

I replicated Gina’s event and what’s happening is that the posting date is properly coming from the batch based on system settings. The batch posting date was for a future period that was open for both the subledger and GL so this transaction properly posted. The key is that the posting date in the subledger and in the GL are both in the open period.

Even if when posting outside of a batch, the transaction date is not necessarily the posting date. For transactional posting, the posting date comes from the posting date behind the expansion button on the transaction date. They may default to the same date but they don’t have to be the same.

For proper balancing you have compare posting date in the subledger to posting date in the GL NOT transaction date.

We understand this intuitively in Payables. An invoice that is six month old suddenly shows up in the mail. We date the invoice six months ago for proper aging but it posts to the current period.