13 September 2012

Weekly Review: Undo Depreciation


It’s not unheard of for someone to make a mistake with depreciation. Maybe an asset was put into service early for example. Well if you need to undo depreciation for a single asset in Dynamics GP it’s very easy. Simply go to the Routine for Depreciate One Asset, select the asset to undo depreciation for and set a new depreciation date. So if an asset was depreciated through 2/28/11 and you need to put it back to 1/31/11 set the depreciation date to 1/31/11. GP will warn you that the depreciation date is earlier than the depreciated through date and this will back out depreciation in GP. Once depreciation is processed the subledger is updated and a reverse GL transaction is created when the GL Transaction routine is run.


This works great for a single asset and is really easy to do. So what happens if you accidently mess up a complete depreciation run? Microsoft support has a script that can undo a depreciation posting. I’m working on getting permission to post the script. Until that happens you can contact Microsoft support and they’ll send you the script.