01 October 2012

5000th Post - MVP Renewal

It took a little more than 7 years but this is the 5000th post here on DynamicAccounting.net. On the day this is going up I also got the email that my MVP status has been updated for another year. That worked out pretty well and no, I'm not good enough to plan that.

The first few years of posting were pretty lean. There were very few Dynamics GP bloggers in those days. Duke del Prado was blogging occasionally and he has since moved out of the GP space. There were a few others posting here and there, and the forums had activity, but it was still really tough to find information. I started blogging to store away tips that I felt that I would need later. I still find things that way searching DynamicAccounting.net. Often it's a linke to someone else's post, but if the answer is there, who cares. Given the fantastic growth in the GP community, I suspect that the next 5,000 posts will go faster than the last 5,000.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, downloaded SQL code or guides and bought a book. Your visits have not gone unnoticed and I hope that this site has helped.