13 March 2007

Dynamics GP: Business Ready Licensing

I spent some time with our MS rep today and I got the lowdown on Business Ready Licensing.
I'd heard the term but when MS makes licensing changes I tend to run and hide.I still don't know whether it works for me but at least I understand it now so I thought I would try to translate it into layman's terms.
In a nutshell, it's the value meal approach to licensing. They'll probably hate that which is why they don't say it that way, but I can.
First there's Business Essentials (the medium happy meal) which is the core that most businesses use, all for one, per user, price. (GL, Bank, FA, AR, AP, Multi Currency, POP, SOP, FRx, Inventory, Safe Pay, Interco, Customization site licenses and IM for conversions)
The pricing is tiered and declines with more users but you get the idea.
If that's not enough, you can get the Advanced Management option (the large happy meal). This includes more things than I can list here.
Finally if that doesn't fill you up, there's Advanced Management Enterprise (Super Size me baby). I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this includes all the modules that you want a really specialized consultant for when you implement them.
Don't forget to leave room for desert, there are a few a la carte modules (Payroll, HR, Smartlists builder, etc.) that can be added to any value meal, er ERP solution. Apple pie anyone?
All new customers are getting business ready licenses now, legacy customers like me get a choice to stick with our per module licensing or move to business ready.
The ex-consultant in me likes having modules that might improve my productivity but that we might not have the obvious ROI to buy standalone. Also, as business needs change, you could implement modules you're already licensed for, without additional product cost. Of course, your enhancement plan is based on the whole solution, not just modules you use!
The CFO in me doesn't want my consultant personality spending all his time implementing modules that may or may not help us.
I do wonder what effect this will have on ISV's. If you already have access to Forecaster, will you look at other budgeting solutions? If you have GP intercompany, will you be able to sell the CFO on paying more for the advanced functionality of MC2's Advanced Intercompany product? (Hat tip to Bill Marshall for a fine product.)
If I were a reseller, I'd be thrilled. They make their money on implementations not software sales. I predict that "Well, you already have the software license, why not let us implement feature XYZ?" will be the new hot sales line for some time to come.
Am I business ready? Who knows. I have to go home and run the ROI numbers to find out.