25 July 2007

It's All About the SharePoint...Stupid

Pardon my paraphrasing of Bill Clinton's "It's all about the economy stupid" remark from a past presidential campaign, but it seems appropriate. Redmond Channel Partners takes a look at the new GP and SL and concludes that the connections to SharePoint are critical for partners. I say it's critical for anyone using GP into the future as I mentioned in this post  and this post way back in March.
 Stupid is a strong word but it's how I feel about the fact that I'm not far enough down the SharePoint road myself. I think the long time lag from 10.0 to the next version is necessary. This is a big step for a lot of folks, akin to the move from Pervasive to SQL Server. SharePoint integration should add tremendous capability but it will add complexity to the whole solution.
Heck even the diagrams explaining it are complex!