13 November 2007

SQL Reporting Services 1st Tips

Ok, I've got 2 early tips for SQL Server Reporting Services.

1. To add multiple column sorting (as in sort by column B, then sort by column C without destroying column B's sort.)
  • Click on the head for the column you want to sort by and click Properties
  • Pick the Interactive Sort tab, check the box for Interactive Sort and select the appropriate field to sort by.
  • Repeat for all the columns you want to sort
  • Preview or run the report
  • Click on the first column and sort with the arrows.
  • Hold down SHIIFT and pick the second column and the third column, etc.
2. To shade every other row in a report add this code in the Background Color property:
=iif (RowNumber (Nothing) Mod 2, "1st Color", "2nd Color"). Note that "Transparent" is a legitimate color but "White" seems to work better as an alternate color.