14 February 2008

Dynamics GP Internal Metrics

A number of folks have emailed asking for the SQL queries behind the internal metrics I described in my MSDynamicsWorld article. Well, now, it's all available here. I'll also add a link to the downloads section on the right.

In brief, there are metrics for AP, PO, Fixed Assets and a bonus one for Actual vs. Budget.

For AP there is a count of Vouchers Per Week, Vouchers Per Week excluding PO related vouchers and Payments per Week.

For PO there is a count of PO's per Week, PO Lines per Week, Receivings per Week and Invoices Matched per Week.

Fixed Assets has Fixed Assets added per week and the bonus is a list of overbudget accounts along with the values and differences as of today.

These items are historical, meaning if you plug them in, you'll get data already in your system assuming you are keeping history. All of the items are useful today but have lots of room for improvement in efficiency and scale. For example some of these could be monthly and tied into your fiscal calendar. You could used activity tracking to break the metrics out by user. The Week End Date code could be rolled into a function for simplicity. My goal was to give you something understandable to build on.

There's more info in the read me file that's included. There are no AR metrics because we used an industry specific AR package that was not GP. I have metrics for it but it's not relevant to GP users.

Special thanks to Steve Gray of 4Penny.net who wrote parts of these under contract and to Dwight Specht of I.B.I.S., Inc. who gave me the current Week Ending Date code.