18 August 2008

Weekly Dynamic: GP 10, Terminal Server and Copy/Paste Issues

It's actually been a longstanding issue with Dynamics GP that when using it via Terminal Services users sometimes lose their Copy/Paste functionality within TS. The typical advice has been to logout and log back into TS and Copy/Paste is typically restored. On the Dynamics GP Newsgroup, Alicia W. has come up with a better option. Kill the RDPCLIP process and restart it. This reliably fixes the Copy/Paste issue. To make things easier for her users, she put the process in a batch file that looks like this:

tskill rdpclip
start "" rdpclip

That's it. 2 lines in a batch file and problem solved. Thanks for digging that out Alicia and making it available to the rest of us!

I've also heard that this has been acknowledged as a issue and should be fixed in SP3.