17 March 2009

Fastpath Configurator AD Gets Better

I thought I would take a few posts today and highlight a few vendor specific items I learned at Convergence. We'll start with one of my favorites, Fastpath.

So I'm at the expo at Convergence 2009 talking to the Fastpath folks and unsurprisingly, their Configurator AD product is getting a lot of attention. Configurator AD allows true single sign on with Active Directory for Dynamics GP (and other Dynamics products). When I last looked at Configurator AD, users were authenticated against active directory and if full single sign on was enabled, the first screen that came up when launching Dynamics GP was the company login. That was pretty cool until I found out that the newest version goes farther.

In the latest release, if a user only has access to one company, that company just launches. All the authentication is handled in the background. For users with multiple company access, a default company can be set to allow them to bypass the company selection screen as well. Now one touch launching of Dynamics GP with full authentication is a reality.