27 April 2009

Weekly Dynamic: Navigation, Lists and Project Accounting

We've spent a couple of weeks looking at the new list and navigational functionality in Dynamics GP 10. However, whenever I show off something new and cool in Dynamics GP, my friend and fellow consultant Ross Carlson asks "but does it work with Project Accounting?". The answer Ross is yes it does and quite well!

The Project Accounting home page contains all of the project related menu choices in one place. Below that are lists for Contracts, Projects, Cost Categories, Timesheets, Eimployee Expenses, Billings and Reports. Each one of these lists contains a contextual, ribbon-like bar for managing that list.

The PA lists aren't quite as well fleshed out as say, Sales but there is a lot of nice functionality. Some examples:

  • In Timesheets you can do a reference (adjustment) timesheet with one click. Since this is normally a drop down that many users never find, the ribbon does a great job of exposing this functionality.
  • Reversing, Transfer and Correction entries for Timesheets are also available with a single click.
  • All of the timesheet functions are also exposed for Employee expenses with a single click.
  • Having all the PA reports available on one window is extremely cool
  • The GoTo section of projects provides fast access to inquiry windows for each of the transaction types (Timesheet, Employee Expense, Inventory Transfer, Miscellaneous Log, Purchasing Invoice, Equipment Log and Billing)
  • One click billing from the Project list is pretty slick as well

There's room for improvement in the PA lists but there is an awful lot of functionality already built in.