13 July 2009

Weekly Dynamic: Why Setting Everything to Post Through Doesn't seem to Work

When an administrator sets up posting in Dynamics GP they get to choose whether to post to and/or through the GL. Posting To controls whether a transaction is even sent to the GL. Selecting the Posting To option means that a subledger posting updates the subledger and also sends an unposted transaction to the GL that then needs to be posted again to update the GL. Adding posting through means that the GL portion of the transaction posts to the GL automatically as well.

The fun really starts when a firm decides that they want everything to post to and through the GL. The way to set this is via the Dynamics GP menu then Tools->Setup->Posting->Posting, Select a Series (like financial), set Origin to ALL and check both the Post to General Ledger and Post Through General Ledger checkboxes. Click save to make the change stick and then repeat this for each series.

That's easy enough until you return to the window and see that when you select all, the Post Through button is no longer checked. Most responses to this start with "What the...".

Here is what's going on. In the past, some modules didn't allow posting through the GL. Setting the origin to ALL would update only the transaction types that would allow posting through. Consequently, the box wasn't checked since all of the items weren't really set to post through. Now however, all the trasaction types allow posting through the GL. The fact that the box isn't checked when users select an origin of ALL is just an annoying leftover.

To really check if posting through is set, select an origin of ALL and with the lookup window still open, use the arrow key to arrow down through the various origin types. Each time you select an origin, the window will refresh to show the appropriate settings in the background.