24 December 2009

Weekly Review: Custom Links

Custom Links were first available in v8 for GP and continue on in v9. A custom link let you associate a link with an item in GP. For example, you can associate a bank website with a checking account. Then, when you click on the hyperlink to the account, you get a choice to go to the external link or the account in GP.

Custom links are setup in Tools-Setup-Company-Custom Link.
  • Click New to add a link
  • Select the item to add a link to. For demo purposes, pick checkbooks
  • Give the link a description like "Website"
  • Pick an associated item, in this case a bank account
  • Enter the link. You don't have to enter Http://. You can just enter the address like www. dynamicaccounting.net.
Now if you go into Bank Transaction Entry, start a transaction, pick the bank account from above and select the blue hyperlinked checkbook, you'll get a dropdown dialogue showing your custom link.

This works well for things like bank websites, currency sites, vendor sites, etc. It's more universal than a shortcut and easier to make available to everyone.

Originally Posted by Mark 7/06/2006 10:37:00 AM