06 January 2010

Field Service Anywhere Update

Waqas Butt has coverage of the Microsoft's decision to discontinue it's OEM arrangement for Field Service Anywhere. I thought I would take a minute to address this to avoid any confusion. I work for I.B.I.S. but this is a personal blog and a personal opinion.

First of all, Microsoft had previously been selling Field Service Anywhere, the mobile extension to the Field Service Module, under the Microsoft name. They do this with a number of products. The actual development and support of Field Service Anywhere was done by I.B.I.S. With Microsoft's decision, I.B.I.S. again gets to sell Field Service Anywhere. Field Service Anywhere isn't going away and this announcement has no affect on the Field Service module. There has been some thought that Microsoft put their marketing money in places other than Field Service Anywhere. This change should allow I.B.I.S. to better target appropriate clients for Field Service Anywhere. Ultimately, I think that a more focused concentration of effort will yield more sales of Field Service Anywhere versus simply having the item on Microsoft's price list.

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