04 January 2010

Weekly Dynamic: Backup Test and Development Databases

A common refrain is that there is no reason to backup Dynamics GP test or development databases. The thought is that since these are not production databases there's no need to back them up. While its true that most test databases can be recreated from production that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be backed up. It's usually faster to restore than to rebuild an environment.

It's easy to forget about situations where users are testing a new module and have put in substantial testing time and energy. Nobody likes to start over. As for development databases, even though the code may be stored elsewhere, it's still faster to restore a database than to rebuild and environment.

Obviously test and development databases typically don't need to be backed up with the same frequency or recovery availability of production databases, but not backing these up is short sighted. Save yourself some embarrassment and pain and start the new year by backing up your Dynamics GP test and development databases.

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