22 January 2010

What is PowerPivot?

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP has more coverage of the upcoming PowerPivot add on for Excel 2010. This application will open up Business Intelligence and analysis to a whole new group of users. In the post AndyW mentions that on a call a number of partners had never heard of PowerPivot. Well, they are certainly not reading this site. We talked about PowerPivot rumors back in November of 2009 and had coverage in December.

Expect more PowerPivot postings after I get back from the MVP Summit in mid-February.

While we're talking Excel and analysis, I'm presenting a 2 day class covering Advanced Excel for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Attendees will get their hands dirty with Export Solutions for Smartlists, Pivot Tables, Excel Reports, Excel Report Builder and MS Query all tied in to Dynamics GP. Right now the class is targeted for late February/ early March at I.B.I.S.' Norcross office. It's not free because it's worth every penny you'll pay for it and then some. When this class is over, attendees will see how inseparable Excel and Dynamics GP should really be.

Email me if you are interested.