08 February 2010

Upcoming Class - Advanced Excel for Dynamics GP

Everything is set now for my upcoming Advanced Excel for Dynamics GP class. This is a 2 day, hands on, down and dirty dig into using Excel with Dynamics GP. We'll look at all the cool things you can do with Advanced Exports and Macros, Pivot Tables, Excel Reports and MS Query tied to GP tables.

When this class is over you will never look at Excel and Dynamics GP independently again. You will eat, sleep and bleed connecting Excel and GP. Ok, maybe that's a little strong, but not by much.

The class is $700 for the two days. It will be held March 1st and 2nd at the I.B.I.S. office in Norcross, GA outside of Atlanta.

Even better, right after the Advanced Excel for Dynamics GP class, David Duncan is holding a 2 day class on Dashboards with Analysis Cubes for Excel. This is the perfect followup to the Advanced Excel class and will get you deep into analyzing Dynamics GP data, building key performance indicators and creating dashboards. This class is also $700 and takes place March 3rd and 4th at I.B.I.S.' Norcross office.

Folks who register for both classes get a $100 break. Full details and registration are here.

I have a lot going on and can't swear when this class will be offered again. When I was a client I would have killed for a classes like this. Don't miss this opportunity.