22 March 2010

Weekly Dynamic: Receivables Scheduled Payments

Last week we looked at Payables Scheduled Payments and this week we’ll take a look at the other side of the coin, Receivables Scheduled Payments. This feature allows companies to setup payment schedules, with or without interest, for existing receivable transactions.

The screen works the same way, a schedule number and description are used to track this receipt schedule. The original document is selected along with the first payment and date. Then the schedule is setup with interest, number of payments, first invoice date and due date. Finally the AR, Receivables offset and Interest income accounts are set.

The process credits the original invoice and creates a series of smaller invoices representing the Scheduled Payments. This means that it makes sense for the Receivables offset account to be a contra account off receivables. This will also show then how much of AR has been converted to scheduled payments.

Click the Calculate button to calculate the payment and the Amortization button to view the amortization.


Posting Scheduled Payments and replacing the original invoice is controlled in Routines and the dates can be controlled so that not all scheduled payments are created at one.

The help contains specifics for situations like advanced principal payments and amortizing because of that.