24 May 2010

Weekly Dynamic: Control Account Management for Receivables

One of my favorite unknown features for Dynamics GP is Control Account Management for Purchasing. This allows companies to process AP centrally and then roll down the AP balance at month end to the appropriate departments. A reversing entry then puts everything back into AP.

This is a great feature for companies who want a complete balance sheet for their departments but prefer the efficiency of centralized AP. What about AR? After all, AP is only part of the equation. Well, Dynamics GP 2010 adds this feature for AR as well.

With the addition of AR, the feature moves out of Purchasing and into the Financial Area Page. Setup is still under Setup and users select Payables or Receivables when setting up the appropriate roll out accounts. Processing the split at month end has moved from Routines to Transactions on the Financial Area Page.


I’m thrilled to see this addition. This has always been a surprisingly complete feature. Now, if it only supported intercompany…hint, hint.