03 June 2010

New Post at MSDynamicsWorld.com

I’ve got a new article up at MSDynamicsWorld.com. This one is a little different. We’ve been working on our slate of upcoming DynamicsCare webinars at I.B.I.S. and it led me to write about how to deliver a better webinar.
More and more partners, consultants and salespeople in the Dynamics world are delivering webinars. More doesn’t necessarily mean better and while I’ve found a number of great guides for better public speaking, the webinar resources are pretty thin. So I decided to fill the void myself.
If you’re a partner, take some of these things to heart and don’t abuse you’re clients with crappy webinars. As a GP user, if you sit through a bad webinar, gently point the presenter to this article as way to improve future web presentations.