01 June 2010

Weekly Dynamic: Export Navigation Lists to Excel

SmartLists have a big green Excel button that makes the idea of exporting  a SmartList to Excel ridiculously obvious. But what about Navigation Lists? Navigation Lists can be exported to Excel too, it’s just not as obvious.
To export a Navigation List to Excel:
  1. Pick Financial on the Navigation Pane
  2. Pick Accounts from the list on the upper left
  3. Check the white box on the header next to account number to select all accounts
  4. Select Go To | Send to Excel from the ribbon on the right.
Even better, late last week, Patrick Roth debuted a new Dex.ini switch which dramatically speeds up the export to Excel process from Navigation Lists. All you have to do is add the following line to your Dex.ini file.
I expect David Musgrave to eventually incorporate these switches in the way cool Support Debugging Tool but until that happens, this method works just fine.