19 July 2010

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook is a bargain, not a steal

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook is selling well and MVP’s and bloggers are consistently happy as they’ve reviewed their copies. Apparently the book has done so well that someone decided to offer the electronic version on the web as a free download. I guess its popular enough to be pirated now and that really sucks. DMCA copyright notices have gone out so I expect the file to come down soon.
DynamicAccounting.net is overflowing with free content. It’s spilling out on to the floor. The book is NOT free. It is the culmination of 10+ years of experience and 9 months of very hard work. My family deserves the small percentage I get from each book. Additionally, I know of at least 2 more Dynamics GP focused books in the works. Those authors deserve an incentive to continue. Watching someone else’s book get stolen is not an incentive.
If you are a partner (the infringing site was NOT as far as I know) feel free to buy copies of the book to give to your clients. DON’T buy one copy of the ebook and send it to all of your clients. That would be stealing the book. Yes, I’ve had partners try to take credit for my work. In each case, they’ve plead ignorance removed the infringing items. Sending unpurchased books to clients would be a deliberate act and the publisher and I won’t take it lightly. I’m not afraid to publicly call out partners who steal intellectual property.
For partners who would like to buy a large number of books for their clients, the publisher offers bulk discount options via the following links:
I’ve put a ton of work into this book to make it a great resource for Dynamics GP users. It’s priced reasonably, especially when compared to what a consulting hour would cost. Do the right thing and buy the book.