29 November 2010

Weekly Dynamic: Print to File Bug

A client recently pointed out an odd bug when printing some reports to file in GP 9. I’ve confirmed that it exists in the GP 2010 RTM release so I thought that I would cover it here.

The issue is that for at least the Checkbook Register, if you set a report option to print to file, print the report, click X to leave the window and then accept the save option, the file name changes don’t save.

The easy work around is of course to click Save before exiting the window.

To replicate this:

  • Open the Checkbook Register demo option.
  • Set the destination to File and a local destination.
  • Click Save and close the report.
  • Reopen the report option, change the file name in destination and click OK.
  • Click print to print the report to a file.
  • Click X to close the report and pick the save option.
  • Close the window and reopen the report option.
  • Click the Destination button and see that the new destination file name didn’t save.