18 November 2010

Weekly Review: Match Case in SmartList

This week's Weekly Review originally came came from Dwight Specht who is not only brilliant but by his own account, sexy. Oh, and he also writes part of my annual review.

For users of Dynamics GP 8.0 or 9.0 with slow Smartlists there is a "Match Case" check box which can be enabled on the Search window. This box is available for all alphanumeric fields. Checking this box causes the Smartlist query engine to develop a more efficient query that reduces index and table scans. Index scans and table scans can significanly reduce SQL query performance.

To make the "Match Case" field available for selection, add SmartListMatchCasePrefs=TRUE to the Dex.ini file on each client.
More info is available on KB922870 and this only works for Dynamics GP versions 8.0 SP4a(or higher and version 9.0 SP1(or higher). The KB indicates that this is not an issue for GP 10 and higher  but you can still turn on Match Case with the Dex.ini line.

Originally Posted by Mark at 9/08/2008 11:05:00 AM