18 January 2011

No CPE at Convergence this Year

I seem to be the only blogger who cares about CPE, so be it. I asked if MS was offering Continuing Professional Education credits for Convergence this year as they have in the past. I was told that they will not be offering CPE.

I’m struggling with how big a deal to make over this. I know that it makes a difference for accountants. I’ve talked to plenty of accountants who use Convergence to learn about GP and help fulfill education requirements. I’m one of them. I don’t want you to skip Convergence because they are not offering CPE this year. There is too much good stuff planned. Heck, I’ve got too much good stuff planned for you.

I also know that IT folks and non-CPA accountants don’t care.They tell me that too.

So if you want CPE back at Convergence you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Drop me a note, attach a comment, etc.. If I get a pile I’ll forward them on.
  2. Go to Convergence anyway this year and express your desire for CPE to everyone. Put it on every evaluation for every session that you attend. Tell every MS employee that you meet.

Microsoft pays attention to evaluations. If folks don’t go, MS won’t get the message because they won’t know why you didn’t go.