14 February 2011

In Touch with Dynamics (GP): New support tools...The Smart Phone

Andy Hall at In Touch with Dynamics (GP) has some interesting thoughts on using a Smart Phone for support at In Touch with Dynamics (GP): New support tools...The Smart Phone.

I wanted to weigh in with my own thoughts on out of the box support tools:

  • SmartPhones today can easily take screen shots of a computer and email them  (or send them to a company Twitter account) for support without a special app, but yeah, an app could be cool.
  • As Andy suggested, a Smartphone video (or Flip camera) could record the whole process leading up to and including the error and then get emailed for support.
  • Free screen cast tools like Screen Castle could be used to record and show the whole process as well. No registration just start a session from the web and get a screen cast back.
  • Of course, the Support Debugging Tool also lets folks take screen shots and email them for support with a single click. We’re installing this on all new GP implementations and upgrades but too many folks still aren’t using it.

DynamicAccounting.net already has an Android App and Mobile site to help people keep up with Dynamics GP. MyGPSearch.com also launched with an Adroid App and Mobile site to help users looking for self support.

Anyone else want to chime in on creative options for Dynamics GP support?