09 February 2011

Interacting with DynamicAccounting.net

Since we keep adding new people who visit DynamicAccounting.net I wanted to highlight all the different ways that you can get great Dynamics GP content here. It’s really all about the way you want information.

Website - The classic way to get new GP content
RSS - Have GP info delivered to your desktop
Newsletter - Get exclusive info delivered to you email inbox
Mobile - GP content on the go
Android - GP content meets the droid
Twitter - GP content, only shorter and tweeter
Facebook - You live here already, get your GP info here too
Downloads - Make GP work for you
SQL Scripts - Bend GP to your will
Best Practice Guides - Dig deep into Dynamics GP
My GP Search - Find help fast, online or mobile
Jobs - Get a new job working with Dynamics GP
Videos - Watch your way to GP greatness

Phew! I didn't even mention the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook or the other great GP Books highlighted here. If you're missing Dynamics GP info it's you're own fault! Start learning now!