01 February 2011

Simply Microsoft Dynamics GP

I know that a few of think that I’m crazy. (You are correct.)

Some of you think I don’t sleep. (I sleep just fine on the 5:30 am flight to Atlanta most Monday mornings, thank you very much).

But the truth is that the creative process often creates more creativity. Yes there are periods of drought where I think that I’ve run out of ideas. Usually that means I need a break. Then there are times where I can’t stop the flow of ideas and I get frustrated because I can’t do everything at once.

Well, it’s drinking from the fire hose time in the little idea factory in my head so I’ve got a new, monthly guest column starting over at Dynamics Communities. We’ve got a really tight premise for this column. It’s titled Mad Mark, the GP Road Warrior and I’m going to tackle stories from road. The idea is to look at what actual users are doing with Dynamics GP. I’ll cover the good, the bad and maybe even some ugly. Since we’re doing movie references, I’m throwing in random ones.

The first column is up. Simply go to https://community.dynamics.com/default.aspx and click on the face of the handsome man standing out from the blue background. Or you can click on my face. Whatever works for you.

I decided to start things off with a look at a long time client who took the opportunity of a GP 2010 upgrade to simplify their business, their processes and the way that they use Dynamics GP. It’s a good thing I didn’t decide to simplify. I would never have written this piece.