10 February 2011

Weekly Review: Copy an Inventory Item

Let's say that your company has just added an inventory item that is very similar to an item already in stock. Do you really have to go through the full inventory setup? I know, Item Classes help a lot but it's Friday afternoon, can't inventory setup be even faster? Sure. In Dynamics GP 10 you have an option to create that item by copying another item.

Start by entering the new item number and then press the copy button at the top of the form. A new form will pop up asking you to select which item you wan to copy from and allow you to choose whether or not to copy things like the price list, site assignments, vendor and currency assignments.
Once you click copy, you get a new item that let's you make whatever changes you want. You'll probably want to adjust the description at a minimum but much of the tedium (Price Lists, List Price, Site Assignments) is already done for you.
Now, go enjoy that weekend.

Originally Posted by Mark at 11/24/2008 09:00:00 AM