10 March 2011

New Facebook Poll on Convergence Sessions

Convergence is Microsoft’s premier customer conference for Dynamics users and it’s coming up in just about a month in Atlanta. All of my sessions are set for this year but I’m already thinking about the GPUG Summit in the fall and Convergence next year.

This year you are going to see an explosion of 50 Tips in 50 Minute sessions. They’ve been hugely popular and Microsoft decided to consciously expand their reach. I love that this little idea has taken root since it based on 100 tips in 100 minutes presentations that the Office team used to do at Convergence a long time ago.

But I worry that you’ll burn out. I wonder if the success of 50 Tips is that its like candy, fun and easy to consume. Or is the success a product of our YouTube, Text Messaging, Twitter culture? Do you still want fast and short or are you ready for some deep dive sessions? Does deep dive belong somewhere else? (Yeah, some days I worry too much)

I’ve put together a little Facebook poll to see what you think. I’ll run this again after Convergence to see if you’ve changed your mind so help me out and go vote.